Certification today - it is not carrying-out of state regulating authority requirements only; certification of products and services used for active furtherance on market, because consumer trust certify products. Presence of conformity and other comparable documentation initiate the growth of sales and positive affect to the image of producer. It means that certification of products can be used as marketing implements to help to sweep markets. Voluntary certification system operates long ago and with success in foreign countries and becomes more popular in Russian Federation.

"Richeza Ltd." perform entire spectrum of certification service. We can offer to your attention various types of certification in Russian Federation: Certificate of Conformity, Hygienic Conclusion, Fire-Safety Certification, Radio-Frequency Permission for Import and Exemption Letters for Custom and ExProof GOST and Other Certificates for all kind of products. Your company can provide ISO 9001 and RTN (RosTechNadzor) by using our service. And it is not whole list of our services and possibilities. We are ready to provide certification from “from scratch” and “ready-to-operate” for your company. 

Certification of products, manufactured goods and service provided by supreme technical level, in connection with this results of our conclusions do not be open to question from governmental bodies, other specialists in certifications sphere.  
"Richeza Ltd." perform entire spectrum of certification service. We provide our service in accordance with active legislation and cooperate with Research and Development Establishments, accredited test laboratories and state certification bodies. Leading principle of our activity is umbrella approach in certification sphere. You can provide any required document with our support without any difficulties and time consumption. 

Our company reform corporate governance always, demonstrating high level of service, control and management. 

Our mission is providing maximum comfort conditions for effective development of our customer business.

Our goal is to help Russian and Foreign companies in solving economical, financial, judicial, managerial and administrative questions.

Main principle of our pricing policy is unaffected – reasonable price for high quality.

We provide flexible discount system and special offering to our permanent Customers. 

We strain after complex and mutually beneficial co-operation with You and your company, and huge experience, clerkly pricing policy, professional expert consultations let us work stable and correspond most demanding requirements of our customers. 

It rests with you to decide!