State Registration Certificate on the territory of the Customs Union

Since the entry into force of amendments adopted by the Commission of the Customs Union, № 314 from August 17, 2010 "On the application of sanitary measures in the Customs Union", a new type of evidence, called Certificate of State Registration, amounting in all countries of the customs union began issuing from the 1 of July 2010. 

Certificate of State Registration is the official confirmation of compliance of the claimed product, goods, drugs, food additives to the sanitary, epidemiological standards and common safety requirements adopted in the Customs Union: Russia Federation, Belarus and Kazakhstan. The certificate is perpetual and valid on the territory of whole Customs Union (Kazakhstan, Byelorussia and Russian Federation).

State Registration allows your company to import and sell products in the Customs Union.
The list of goods that require a certificate of state registration, defined in Commission Decision № 299 of the Customs Union on May 28, 2010 (Section II of the list of goods).

A unified form of certificate of state registration:


Rules for state registration (summary):
Applicant for issuing of certificate of registration may be:

  • when registration of goods produced in the territory of the Customs Union - the producer (manufacturer) of the product;
  • when registration of goods manufactured outside the Customs Union - the producer (manufacturer) or importer (supplier) of the product.

To obtain a certificate of state registration must be submitted following documents:

  • application for testing and obtaining certificates;
  • constituent documents of the applicant;
  • set of documents related to the production, quality, features and characteristics of controlled goods;
  • local test reports, scientific reports and studies;
  • acts of sampling for testing;
  • authorization letter;
  • and etc.

Full list of documents required for state registration can be refined by our company. List of required documents, conditions and time frames of registration work are individually for each type of products which are under Mandatory State Registration, and have to be discussed with our specialist directly.

The following products are subject to the State registration on the territory of the Customs Union:
1. Mineral water, bottled potable water, energy drinks, alcoholic production;
2. Specialized foodstuffs, including baby food, dietary products, nutritive for athletes, nutraceuticals, raw materials for nutraceuticals, organic products;
3. Foodstuffs produced by using genetically modified organisms (GMO);
4. Cosmetics; tools and products for oral hygiene;
5. Disinfectants, disinfectants and disinfestations;
6. Household chemicals;
7. Personal hygiene products for children and adults;
8. Products are used in contact with foodstuffs (except the tableware, table belongings, food manufacturing equipment and etc.) and others.