Fire Safety Certificates

Application Fields of Fire Safety Certificates

Types of Fire Safety Certification


Application Fields of Fire Safety Certificates:

In Russia, local authorities are very sensitive for fire safety measures, the resistance of materials to the fire and their performance under fire conditions is important. In many cases, Fire Certificates are issued prior to GOST Certification.

Product groups require Fire Safety Certification:

  • Flammable or semi-flammable construction materials such as :  Carpets, wall-papers, polymer based floor coverings, doors etc.,
  • Fire Signalization Sytems and Data Cables,
  • Fire resistant materials and coatings, fire safety doors,
  • Fire Hose Cabinets,
  • Fire Extinguishers,
  • Fire Dampers,
  • Electrical Power Cables under 220 V or more voltage,
  • Home-Type Refrigerators (with compressor unit ),
  • Home Appliances working with LPG and Natural Gas such as : Gas ovens, Combined Water Heaters, Individual Heating Systems etc.
  • Industrial products related with gas burning : Burners, Heat Generators etc.

Fire Safety Certificates frequently required by Russian Authorities in Russian Customs, Construction Sites at domestic market.

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A Sample Fire Certificate issued for isolation products.

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To issue Fire Safety Certificates, subjects products should be tested due the valid regulation and parameters by accredited laboratories by Ministry for Civil Defense.

Types of Fire Safety Certification:

Fire Safety Certificates, releted with the GOST System and being as a prior testing to the GOST Certificates, are issued for Shipment Base or Serial Production Base for 3 years.