Our Service

If you are a supplier of goods to Russia or a manufacturer producing goods intended for delivery or use in Russia, you probably are interested in obtaining relevant certificates, permissions, reports, conclusions, letters etc. for your goods, which are issued by Russian certification bodies and Russian authorities. These documents are to be presented to Russian Customs during importing procedure and later on are required for circulation of your goods inside Russian market.

Here is you will find information about service we provide:


GOST R Certificate

Exemption Letter

  Fire Safety Certificate
  RTN Approval
  Hygienic Conclusion

and other approvals and certificates applicable in Russian Federation


Development and implementation of ISO Certification

We provide development, implementation and supporting service in ISO 9001:2000 (GOST R ISO 9001-2001) Certification.



Consulting is free and regards the following: 

Estimate of what kind of certificates, permits, conclusions etc. are required for your goods. 
Terms of issuing and approximate prices. 
Any questions with respect to peculiarities of certification in Russia. 

Due to the fact that in our company we use individual operating doctrine with each customer, all information about price and time frames you can get by contact with our specialists or by performing quotation from our company and our managers will give an overall answer at the earliest possible date. 
We will try to create most comfortable conditions for you during our cooperation. 
We hope our prices and time frames will pleasing astonish you.
Finally, after application to RICHEZA you will have all necessary and sufficient documents for legalization of your goods on the Russian market.