Pattern Approval of measurement equipment

What is Pattern Approval Certificate for Measuring Instruments?
Pattern Approval Certificate for Measuring Instruments (Metrology Certificate) testifies that the particular pattern of measuring instruments conforms to applicable standards and is approved for the use in the Russian territory.
State metrological control and supervision is regulated in Russia by the Federal Law “On Provision of Measuring Uniformity“ ¹4871-1 dated on 23.04.1993.
Pattern Approval Certificate for Measuring Instruments is a pre-requisite to obtain GOST R Certificate of Conformity and RTN Permit to Use, when applicable.

Application scope
The Pattern Approval Certificate for Measuring Instruments is required for products that fall under, but not limited to the following fields of activity:

  • Health care, veterinary medicine, environment protection, labour safety;
  • Trade operations and settlements between buyer and seller, including operations with the use of playing machines;
  • State accounting operations;
  • State defense;
  • Geodesic and hydrometeorological activities;
  • Banking, taxation, customs and postal operations;
  • Manufacture of products supplied for state purposes;
  • Testing and control of product quality aiming at identification of conformity with Russian state standards;
  • Mandatory certification of products and services;
  • Measuring carried out on the order of the Court, Public Prosecutor, Arbitration Tribunal, Russia state authorities;
  • Registration of national and international sports records.

Pattern Approval Certificates for Measuring Instruments (Metrological Certificate) are issued by the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology (or Rostekhregulirovaniye).
Mandatory testing is first done to the measuring instrument in a State Scientific Metrological Centre accredited by Rostekhregulirovaniye before the Metrological Certificate can be issued. Approved pattern of measuring instruments is registered in the State Record of Measuring Instruments managed by Rostekhregulirovaniye.

The measuring instrument of an approved pattern and its operational documents are to be properly marked.

Design of the certificates
View a sample Pattern Approval Certificate for Measuring Instruments