The Russian Federal Law №184 on Technical Regulation dated on 27.12.2002 establishes the rules of state regulatory requirements for industrial and consumer goods, buildings, related business processes, as well as for consumer services.

According to this Law, a Technical Regulation (TR) is the primary document which establishes the obligatory requirements for various goods to be sold and/or consumed in Russian Federation. This document defines the basic requirements for the objects of technical regulation (products, materials, substances and services), which is binding on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Certificate of conformity to Technical Regulations – certificate of compliance to the Technical regulation (TR) is a document which confirming compliance with the stated production requirements of technical regulations by the Federal Law № 184-FZ "On technical regulation" of 27 December 2002 and issued within the established rules, proof of the claimed security products.

Certificate TR is a new type of certificate of conformity introduced in September 2010. Certificate TR (“TR” stands for “Technical Regulation”) replacing the GOST-R Certificate of Conformity for certain types of products.

The conformity to Technical Regulations is required for the majority of products sold or/and used in Russia.

After carrying into effect of the Federal Law "On technical regulation" in Russia, today we have changes in the system of standardization in Russia. Since the entry into force of this law, the reform of technical regulation, which made significant changes in the existing system of standardization of products and production processes. One of the key stages of the reform was the replacement of GOST standards, SanPiN and others normatives to the technical regulations. The reform adopted new codes of standards, referred to as technical regulations, which main task is to harmonize international and Russian standards, and increase the competitiveness of domestic producers.

Technical Regulations are required for specific categories of products as well as processes related to manufacture, operation, storage, transportation, marketing and utilization taking into account the technology specifics and other peculiarities of particular product categories, for example:

  • Technical regulations for milk and milk products
  • Technical regulations for oil and fat products
  • Technical regulations for juice production from fruit and vegetables
  • Technical Regulations "On the safety of machinery and equipment”
  • Technical Regulations “On fire safety requirements”
  • Technical regulations "About safety of devices, operating on gaseous fuel."
  • technical regulations "On the safety of wheeled vehicles"
  • and Etc.

In order to prove compliance with the Technical Regulations, we provide two forms of documents:

  • TR Certification of Conformity

  • TR Declaration of Conformity

If your product is not subject to Certification of Conformity to Technical Regulation, it may be subject to Mandatory Declaration of Conformity.

Validity of certificates: TR certificates can be issued as a single delivery to the shipment invoice, to the contract (without a mentioning shipment amount and invoice), and for the serial production for producer name for a period from 1 till 5 years from the date of issuance.

Validity of declarations: TR declaration may be issued a single delivery to the shipment invoice, to the contract (without a mentioning shipment amount and invoice), and for the serial production for producer name for a period of 5 years from the date of issuance.

Mark of Conformity

The product compliant with Technical Regulations should be marked by the registered Mark of Conformity, which clearly demonstrates to the consumer the product’s compliance to the applicable Russian requirements.


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