Financial, Technical and Management Consulting services

Strategy consulting

  • Industry and market reviews and research
  • Market entrance strategy
  • Seeking for Investment possibilities
  • Business plan constructionв
  • Prepare of marketing plans
  • Investment memo consulting
  • Development of business strategy
  • Financial modeling
  • Consulting in acquiring ERP and SAP systems (inc. Axapta based systems)










Business valuation

  • Valuation for M&A purposes
  • Value‐based determination of shareholder structure
  • Stock compensation appraisal
  • Appraisal of Fair value of assets for accounting services
  • Economic obsolescence tests








Investment consulting

  • Investment strategy preparation
  • Seeking for investor or acquirer of business
  • Document support of relationships with investment and Private Equity funds
  • Acquiring of an investor for project
  • Assistance in debt finance including leveraged buy‐outs






Assistance in economic disputes and property partition

  • Determination of compensation to Management company
  • Appraising of management endowment to business value
  • Determination of royalty and other compensation for intellectual and intangible assets usage
  • Value‐based property partition
  • Damage calculations










Asset valuation in purposes of buying, selling, shareholder proceedings, accounting and partition

  • Intangible asset valuation
  • Appraising of income real property and land
  • Property, plant and equipment valuation
  • Fair‐value accounting correction inc. for tax reducing
  • Valuation of premium real estate






Management consulting

  • Operational efficiency consulting services
  • Value‐based management approach implementation (DCF‐KPI model construction, comparative multiplies indicators determination)
  • Process approach operational management consulting
  • Management standards preparation
  • Constructing organizational plans and proceedings
  • Business organization planning







Government contract assistance and GR

  • Preparing and assisting in electronically‐based trade system of government contracts
  • Seeking for possible government contractor
  • Tender documentation deliverables
  • Research of decision chain in government trade affairs
  • Lobbing government‐private relationships







Legal advisory services

  • Deal structuring
  • M&A tax optimization
  • Assistance in corporate transactions
  • Tax advisory for different purposes











Our values

  • Qualified and charted specialists
  • Transparent and flexible pricing of our services
  • Compliance with government and professional rules and standards
  • Quality control of consulting services
  • Scientific and best practice approach synergy