Russian Radio Frequency Approval for Wireless Equipment

Starting 07th of May 2007, Russia requires a new approval for the custom clearance of Wireless Equipment. Basis on the existing legislation, all companies dealing with these kind of products,( such as wireless camera systems, remote controls, wireless home appliances, car alarm systems, walkie-talkies and other wireless equipment which has a transmitter and receiver) should apply to Radio Frequency Center of Russia and provide a special permission for the delivery of Wireless Equipment beside the GOST Certificate.


1. The company (or Richeza ltd. on behalf of the Company) should apply officially to the Radio Frequency Center for a certain Wireless Equipment.
2. A physical sample of the subject model is required in Moscow for testing.
3. Radio Frequency Center transmits all applications to the Ministry of Communication of Russia. Every 2 months, a special Commission in the Ministry meet and decide about permissions for applied products and provides the wireless conformity approval.
4. By means of this approval and GOST Certificate, it is possible to ship these kinds of wireless products to Russia.