UkrSEPRO Certificate of Conformity

What is UkrSEPRO Certificate of Conformity?
The UkrSEPRO sign
Application Scope

What is UkrSEPRO Certificate of Conformity?
The UkrSEPRO system was introduced by Ukraine Government in 1993, obliging to certify a number of products.
Product conformity assessment is one of the Ukrainian State Technical Policy elements and aims at providing human, animal and privacy safety as well as environmental protection.
The UkrSEPRO system is regulated by the Law of Ukraine “On conformity assessment” and guarantees that product conforms to the safety requirements established by national law.
Original or certified copy of Certificate of Conformity is required for customs clearance at the Ukrainian border as well as for sale and / or marketing within the country.
For products not subject to mandatory certification according to the Ukrainian law, voluntary certification scheme or exemption letter ’may be applied.
Exporters or importers initiate voluntary certification with the aim to formally prove the conformity of their products to the applicable Ukrainian standards, technical norms or recipes. In other words, UkrSEPRO Certificate of Conformity is a powerful marketing tool to capture Ukrainian customer.

 The UkrSEPRO sign
The certified product should be marked by the registered UkrSEPRO sign or Mark of Conformity, which demonstrates product compliance to the applicable Ukrainian standards. Usage of UkrSEPRO sign was defined in Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine “On approval of description and rules for National conformity mark usage”.
The UkrSEPRO mark consists of a sign standing for the UkrSEPRO certification system combined with the Certification Body registration number under it.

Application Scope
The UkrSEPRO certification system concerns the majority of products sold or/and used in Ukraine:

  • consumer products such as foodstuff, textiles, cosmetics and toys
  • mechanical and electrical goods
  • industrial equipment for food, chemical, oil & gas, construction industries
  • telecom equipment
  • vehicles
  • other industries

The UkrSEPRO system is monitored jointly by the State Committee on Technical Regulation and Consumer Policy or Derzhspozhyvstandard and the Federal Customs Service of Ukraine.
UkrSEPRO Certificates of Conformity are issued by Certification Bodies accredited by Derzhspozhyvstandard to act on its behalf.
The issuance of  UkrSEPRO Certificates of Conformity is implemented following technical evaluation of the goods that may include the following:

  • evaluation of technical documents
  • surveillance visits
  • sampling, analysis, type testing in accredited laboratories
  • factory audits
  • in some cases certification of quality management system

The presence of mandatory information and correct translation can be checked by Certification Body who may also give advice concerning technical translation and labelling information for the items to be imported.

UkrSEPRO Certification schemes: single shipment vs. serial production
1.Single Shipment Certificates - The Consignment Certificate of Conformity is a trade document valid for 1 year and for one consignment only, i.e. for a certain quantity and type of product.
This kind of certificate is advisable if you export to Ukraine sporadically. A proof of who your customer in Ukraine is necessary by means of contract or invoice.
2.Certificates for Serial Production – The Serial Production Certificate of Conformity’s validity can vary from 12 months to 5 years. It all depends on the nature of the product and certification scheme chosen.
3.For certificates with 1 year validity, sample testing is needed. Audit of the manufacturing facilities is no longer required. However, this is not applicable to some goods (e.g. food, telecom, etc.)
4.For certificates with 2-3 year validity, sample testing is needed. Quality Assessment of the production line is also necessary.
5.For certificates with 5-year validity, quality management system has to be certified. Sample testing might also be conducted.

Serial Production Certificate of Conformity is suitable for companies with regular export activities and a wide product range because this document enables them to export unlimited number of times and quantities of goods produced during the certificate’s validity period.
The Certificate for Serial Production can be issued to a manufacturer only.