Ex-proof GOST R Certification

What is Ex-proof GOST-R Certification? 

Types of certification schemes: single shipment and serial production 

Guidelines for Ex-proof GOST-R Certification

Application scope
The GOST R Ex-Proof requirements concern ex-equipment, which includes apparatus and components that fully or partly use electrical power and contain explosion protection for areas where the potential for explosion exists because of explosive atmosphere (gas or dust), namely:

  • Apparatus for generation, transmission, distribution, storage, measurements, regulation, transformation and consumption of electrical power;
  • Telecommunications equipment;
  • Other equipment used in explosive atmospheres that might be the cause of ignition.
  • Ex-equipment is classified into two groups:
  • Group I – mining ex-proof equipment
  • Group II – ex-proof electrical equipment for use other than mines (surface equipment).

Legal framework
Ex-proof certification system for electrical equipment is one of the 48 sub-systems for homogeneous products within GOST R system. Rules for certification of ex-proof electrical equipment are stipulated in the Decree №28/10 dated on 19.03.2003 registered in the Russian Ministry of Justice under the number 4440.
The GOST R Ex-Proof Certificate of Conformity is required for obtaining of the RTN Permit to Use and is to be presented during commissioning of Ex-equipment on installation site.
Types of certification schemes: single shipment vs serial production
Depending on the annual export volume, there are different types of Certificates of Conformity determining the evaluation procedure:
1. Single shipment certificates
The Consignment Certificate of Conformity is a trade document valid for one consignment only, i.e. for a certain quantity and type of product. This kind of certificate is advisable if you export to Russia sporadically. It can be issued only if you are able to prove who will be your customer/importer in Russia by means of a contract or an invoice.
2. Certificates for serial production
The Serial Production Certificate of Conformity is a trade document whose validity can vary from 12 months to 3 years depending on the nature of the products. Such a document enables you to export unlimited times and quantities of heterogeneous goods produced during the certificate validity period. This type of GOST R certificate is especially suitable for a company with regular export activities and a wide product range. To ensure the compliance of products to Russian standards after the certificate has been issued, an annual inspection control by accredited Certification Body is necessary.

The GOST R Ex-Proof system has been established and is monitored jointly by the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology (abbreviated as Rostekhregulirovaniye) and the Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Nuclear Supervision (abbreviated as Rostekhnadzor). Rostekhregulirovaniye is the new name for Gosstandart of Russia, and Rostekhnadzor is the former Gosgortekhnadzor.
GOST R Ex-Proof Certificates of Conformity are issued by Certification Bodies accredited by Rostekhregulirovaniye to act on its behalf.
The issuance is implemented following technical evaluation of the goods to ensure their compliance to Russian safety regulations. Russian ex-proof standards have been harmonised with IEC (IECEx system) standards as well as with European ATEX 95 and ATEX 137 Directives and relevant EN (European Norms).
The evaluation procedure may include expertise of technical documentation, testing of samples in accredited laboratories, factory audits and surveillance visits.
The applicant is required to present for evaluation the following documents:

  • Technical description, including wiring diagrams;
  • Applied standards;
  • National (e.g. ATEX, NEC, CE code/CSA) Ex-Proof certificates;
  • Operating manual;
  • Photos or drawing of the equipment with proper marking.

Other documents may be requested by the certification body.
In case the equipment is certified according to ATEX, UL, FM or CSA the verification process to obtain the GOST R Ex-Proof Certificate of Conformity can be limited to document review with no additional laboratory testing. Then the applicant will have to present:
Technical description of equipment, including wiring diagrams;
Copy of the available ex-proof certificate;
Test reports.

Marking of ex-proof equipment is regulated by GOST R 51330.0-99 (MEK 60079-0-98).

0 Ex ias IIC T3  
1 2 3 4 5 6


1. Level of safety:

for Group I:

  • РП – for electrical equipment of superior explosion safety;
  • РВ – for ex-proof electrical equipment;
  • РО – for specifically ex-proof electrical equipment;

for Group II:

  • 2 – for electrical equipment of superior explosion safety;
  • 1 – for ex-proof electrical equipment;
  • 0 - for specifically ex-proof electrical equipment.

2. Ех sign, indicating that electrical equipment conforms to ex-proof standards.

3. Type of protection:

о – oil filled casing;
p – pressurized casing;
q – quartz filled casing;
d – ex-proof encapsulation;
е - еnhanced protection;
ia – intrinsical safety, level "ia" (category "ia");
ib – intrinsical safety, level "ib" (category "ib");
iс – intrinsical safety, level "iс" (category "iс");
m – capsulation by compound;
n - non flammable;
s – special type of protection.

Additional type of protection may be also indicated.

4. Group of equipment:

I – for electrical equipment to be operated in mining when there is the danger because of presence of methane or dust;
II or IIA, or IIB or IIC – for electrical equipment to be operated in explosive atmospheres with the exception of mining equipment.
А, В, С indicate sub-groups of electrical equipment when "d" and "i" types of protection are used.

5. For electrical equipment of Group II – temperature class identification or maximum surface temperature.

Т1 = 450 °C;
Т2 = 300 °C;
Т3 = 200 °C;
Т4 = 135 °C;
Т5 = 100 °C;
Т6 = 85 °C.

6. Additional marking (if needed):

Х (or warning) – to assure safety during operation special conditions are required;
U – this apparatus is component of Ex-equipment.